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Mentor Rules of Engagement

The Real Life 101 rules of engagement are established to bring user friendly, meaningful, and measurable results to the program. Each mentor pledges to adhere to the rules of engagement as listed below.

  1. I will be a mentor to only one of the Real Life 101 students who are currently enrolled in a college or university.

  2. I will ensure a student profile be updated before every school year. Student profile forms already exist for each student. I will be responsible for contacting my student in June of each year and requesting that the updated student profile form be provided to me and to the executive director. I will review this form to ensure that my student is progressing in his educational pursuit.

  3. I will need an e-mail address and a telephone to be a mentor. From the executive director, I will receive the existing profile form on my student, which will contain his contact information. That information also will provide me with the initial intelligence on my student; I will get to know my student better as I communicate with him each month.

  4. I will have contact each month with my student at least twice - via e-mail, phone, text, in person, etc. to make sure the student is still enrolled, and is not having any major issues. Any major issues I become aware of that I cannot assist the student with are to be referred to the director of mentor relations and development for further follow-up, and will be discussed with the Mentor Committee chairperson or referred to the Mentor Committee for proper action.

  5. I will make my best efforts to meet with my student for lunch or dinner at least once a year for the purpose of knowing him better and showing my level of care and commitment.

  6. I will complete the mentor communication report each month with respect to my monthly contact with the student I am assigned. I will receive a link to this report via e-mail each month, followed by reminder e-mails until I respond. The link to the communication report can also be found on the home page of the Real Life web site. (The report is a tool to measure the success of our mentor program.)

  7. I will make my best efforts to attend the yearly Real Life 101 Awards Ceremony and our annual Meet & Greet event. The Awards ceremony takes place in late May or early June each year, and the Meet & Greet is in December.

  8. I will use the best practices in this user guide to govern my participation.

  9. I will attend a 30-minute mentoring training class in person (for locals) or via conference (as an out-of-town mentor).

  10. I agree that my photographs can be used in Real Life materials to promote Real Life activity to enhance the program.
Mentor Pledge

I understand the challenges of our youth in the African American community. I also understand that it will take leadership, commitment and actions by the African American community supported by businesses, schools, churches, the community at large and individuals like me.

I understand that the individual commitment is needed more than ever because of the current state of affairs in the African American community. It will take individuals like me making a commitment to get involved in some of the strategic levels already available to me as an individual.

The Real Life 101 organization is focusing its efforts on the African American male youth because of the horrific statistics that exist. I realize that I must be involved and commit myself to taking some level of action so that I can be part of the solution.

As such, I pledge to commit to the Real Life 101 mentoring program and its 10 Rules of Engagement.

I am making this commitment because I want to be part of the change that it will take from each of us to begin to bring attention and solutions to this real and ever threatening dynamic in the African American community.

My submission of this form is representative of my commitment and pledge. I will make the necessary adjustments in my schedule to foster and facilitate the Real Life 101 mentoring program Rules of Engagement.

Mentoring Committee Chairperson—Sid E. Taylor
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